Cathexia is a death metal band formed during the end of 2007 in Navia, (Asturias). With a first line-up consisting of young musicians, they performed with bands like Legacy Of Brutality, Possession, The Arson Project or Looking For An Answer.


The band also won the band contest NoiseSuena, which allowed them to record and release their debut album 'Thanks God For The Suffering' (2010).


After a few line-up changes, Cathexia released 'Misanthropy' (2011), an EP where their approach to death metal became faster and more brutal.


Cathexia members have always been active in other extreme projects, so, following a hiatus in the band's activity, they started to compose a new album with a renovated line-up. Between 2017 and 2018, they recorded 'Complete Obliteration', their second album with guitarist Javier Cosmea (Thirteen Bled Promises), Gonzalo González Dorado 'Lalo' (Legacy Of Brutality) on bass, drummer Javier Fernández 'Piti' (Legacy Of Brutality) and vocalist Abel Suárez (ex-Replica/ex-Rise of Fury).


Their new album is a consecration, a tribute and a vindication to the death metal sound without concessions and has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Lalo. The influence of classical and modern bands converge in a fast, direct and aggressive style; blending influences from the most classic death metal and even grindcore.

The album includes vocal contributions from artists like Mick Montaguti (Electrocution), Max Otero (Mercyless), Simón García (Legacy of Brutality) and Isaac Ríos (ex Cathexia). 'Complete Obliteration' plunges into a dystopian world, where the machines and their mechanical. AIso have enslaved and cornered mankind, forcing them to a desperate struggle to survive.


After the recording of the album, Dario Urbistondo 'Bob' (Thirteen Bled Promises) joined the band, completing the line-up as second guitarist.


'Complete Obliteration' releases next Novmeber 9th, 2018.




1. Fall of the unholy race 

2. Entrails of the earth 

3. No rest beyond death 

4. Blessing/extermination 

5. Eternal slavery 

6. Rebellion is growing 

7. Mankind´s obliteration 

8. Virus 

9. Inert 


Releases November 9, 2018





1. Misanthropy 

2. Envoys of destiny

3. Before the Disaster 

4. The end is here 

5. Burnt by radiation

6. Will make me kill - Bonus track 

7. Maeve - Bonus track


Released February 18, 2013






2.Sign of Memory  

3.Will Make Me Kill

4.Misery Reigns

5.Remembering Pain and Suffering

6.Don't Mind Your Death

7.Inhuman Suffocation

8.Burnt by Radiation  

9.An Infected


Released through Threepoint Records in 2010.






2.Will make me kill 

3.Full of pain


Demo Released in 2009.




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